Friday, February 15, 2008

What? An update?

I'm finally getting in touch with the world, well, the few people that read my blog. I'm babysitting right now, if you haven't already read my last post on the family blog. The girls are crushing goldfish into the carpet, even after I pick them up, they manage to do it again. Oh well, I'll find the vacuum before I go home.
So yesterday was Valentines Day. I was up most of the night for some reason, the night before. I didn't fall asleep until about 6 a.m. So I woke up pretty groggy at about 1 in the afternoon and got going for the day. Mary got home from school a while later and Mom had a doctor's appointment in St.George. Before she left and took the car, I went and picked up my boyfriend Kary. After she left, Kary, Mary, and I deep cleaned the house. Spotless. Mary brought in a few loads of wood and we got a fire going. Then we set and decorated the table and started dinner. Daddy had to work late so he didn't come home until about 7. So the parentals came home to a warm, spotless house, with a cute, pink Valentiney table. Mom got going on the rest of dinner and we helped get it done. We had a delicous dinner and wonderful night together! Mom got Mary and I some fun scrapbooking stuff for Valentines Day. I'll have to get going on my scrapbook!
Who's read the Twilight series? Me and Mary are addicted! I'm only on New Moon right now but I'm just about done. I'm stoked to read Eclipse and then the 4th book will be out in August. I guess there's not much else I can say because I don't know who else has read them. Mom thinks I'm a lot like Bella. I disagree except for a few of her characteristics. I think they're about as good as Harry Potter, now I better not get whacked by one of my cousins for thinking that! Well I best be cleaning up this mad house and checking on the girls!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lyssy's Junior Prom

Well last night was definitely a night to remember. I had so much fun. There were a few dilemma's before the dance but it all turned out good. The day date turned out as planned and was extremely fun. After dinner I came home to get ready for the dance, my hair and make up was already done because Pam and Tyff had done it before dinner. Well when I got home from dinner my family was gone to Rusty's for Daddy's birthday dinner. So I was getting ready home alone which made things quite difficult. I couldn't zip up my dress or do up my necklace. Or decide if I was going to wear the petty coat and if I was I needed help with it. But I had none! Pam still had to do her make up and stuff so she went home and couldn't really come help me yet. THEN I got a bloody nose right after slipping into my dress. I was freaking out because I did not want blood on my dress so I hurry and took it off and threw it on my parents bed. I stood in their bathroom in my underwear with a tissue up my nose! Not too fun when I'm supposed to be at the prom in 10 minutes. After finally getting it to stop my doorbell rings. AH Brenden is here and I'm not even dressed! So I hurried and slipped my dress back on and ran to the door. I turned around and said, sorry you're the only one who can do it. So he zipped it up and put on my necklace. I tied on my fancy shoes and we headed out the door with our croisage and buteneer(i dunno how to spell either of those)to Pam's house to have her Mom pin on the buteneer. After getting to the bottom of my street my Dad calls. TURN BACK AROUND WE'RE COMING HOME TO TAKE PICTURES he says. Everything had to be so complicated! So we turned back around and went to the house and waited for the fam. Tyff pinned on the buteneer and Brenden put on my croisage and we headed to the living room for pictures. They are very cute I will have to post some. Then Pam and Kyle came over and we all had pictures together. FINALLY we went to the dance at 10:00. We ended up waiting in line for pictures for over an hour. We got into the dance at 11 when they were announcing the prom king and queen. Our good friend Meleese who has danced with us for years won queen. We were so excited for her.
We danced for about an hour and it was a blast. The dance was over at about 12:15 and we went to Pam's house. Brenden had to go home cuz his parents were being kind of lame and made him be home by 12:30, quite depressing. But at Pam's house, the 3 of us, us and her date made banana splits. We were all so tired by 1 that it was time for bed. Kyle took me home and I passed out about 10 minutes later!! Anyways that was my jr prom and it was a blast. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

32 hours!!

Wow its been awhile, sorry guys. I have a lot to update on! Well for one thing, I got a job. I work at Pier 49 Pizza. It has only been open for about a month an a half. I started last Tuesday when I came back from Grandma's house. It is awesome I really love it. I think I will be sticking with it for a while. Finally I can pay for my phone bill! Mom and Dad will love that.
Ok so next thing, PROM is tomorrow!! (32 hours to be exact) I was asked by Brenden Anderson while I was staying with the g parents. Pam let him into my house cuz she had been taking care of the kitties. They disastered my room of course. But it was cute, I got him back pretty good also when I answered him. We have been friends for a long time so it will be really fun. We have a small group it is me and Brenden, and Pam and Kyle. I'm way excited. We have our day date planned out and this is what we are going to do. Leave Cedar at 7:30(definitely way too early for me!) go to Redcliffs and hike and play in the water. Hopefully go far enough up to where we can slide down the big waterfall! Take lunches and eat there, leave at about 11:30ish for St.George. In St.George we will go play laser tag for about an hour. After that we will head home in time for Pam to do my hair before her hair appointment. At 7:30 we have reservations to eat dinner at the Texas Barbecue place. I've never been there but Brenden says its good. Then we will go get ready and put on our gorgeous Cinderella dresses,(I will have to post pictures, they are so beautiful) and go to prom! Yay! I'm so stoked I think this will be awesome.
Tyff and Jason are coming for the weekend just to hang out and celebrate Daddy's big 50th birthday!! I will be running around all day tomorrow so hopefully I will have time to see them!
Well I had an awesome week in the B-town with the G-parents :) It was a blast. I got to help Grandma at work a little bit, and I made a blanky for Tyffy's little girl! She made my skirt and a bonnet for the trek which made me oh so happy. We also took pictures over at Kathy Bradshaws house. VERY cute. It made it even better that my best buddy RaCail came with:D We had so much fun together that week. I was already having withdrawals from her the day I went home! All the girls that I made friends with want me to move to Beaver because we had so much fun! I fit in perfect I must say. RaCail, Malorey, and Jenna are amazing friends and I love them to death. I hope I can come back soon and hang out with everyone and stay with Grandma for a while! I also got to spend a day at BHS. Exciting eh? It actually was really fun. It was nice to see a school that everyone got along with eachother and there were no cliques or people that judged. There were also no goths or emos which is so weird because like half of Cedar High is all of them. It was cool to see how different everything is and how the teachers and kids are. Of course half of the students AND teachers were my cousin or something or other somehow! Ya gotta love it. Well I want to say thank you to my Grandma who does so much for me and just spoiled me and Shelby the whole time we were there. She also paid $300 for my prom dress which I will NEVER forget. That means the world to me as does my Grandparents! Thank you again I love you so much!
Well I'm off to pick up my dress and get my paycheck. See ya everyone!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Good Day

I told Christi I'd post a blog a few days ago. Sorry I slacked off. It's been a fun week. Tyff is here while Mom and Dad are on their vacation. Right now they are in Orlando checking out the beaches and going to eat. They picked up Steve and Sherie this morning and now they're out playing. I'm so jealous! But thats ok because I have been having fun with my sister. I love being with her she is my best friend! I could not ask for a better sister. Today we woke up and ate a couple bowls of Marshmallow Matey's. Then got ready and ran some errands. I turned in 4 applications today to different places. Mom and Dad keep nagging at me to get a job so I can pay for my phone bill which is "outrageous." So Tyff promised them she'd take me to get applications and apply to a few places. I applied at Gandolfo's(sandwich place), Mama Chu's(mexican restaurant), Pier 49(pizza restaurant), and Lin's(grocery store). I'm hoping to work at Mama Chu's or Pier 49. Anyways it should be fun, I'm excited. After we turned in my applications I had an orthodontist appointment to get new retainers. And then we went out to eat and we went to Quizno's. It was delicious. After that we went to Wal-Mart for a few things. We got a money order for Bretten so he can have a radio to listen to while he's in jail and bored. Tyff brought me to school after that and that's where I am now! Just been working on some chemistry. It's hard so I decided to take a break and write a blog! I hate sitting in these hard chairs, I'd so much rather be on my bed with my laptop! But it decided to be stupid and not let my school program work on it. Oh well.
Next week Shelby and I are going to Beaver to stay with our Grandma. We are both very excited. I have another orthodontist appointment on Monday, so Grandma I have a question. Do you think you could take me to Cedar for my appointment? If not I can reschedule it for the week after. No problem.
Speaking of Shelby. Last night she gave me and Tyff quite the scare. We are sleeping in our parents room while they are gone and Shelby has just been sleeping on the floor at the end of the bed. At about 4:00 this morning she got up and ran to the back door and just started barking and then ran back to the bedroom and started barking at us. We were scared that someone was trying to break in! So Tyff got up to see what was up and it turns out Shelby just had to go potty. But it sure scared us. Especially because there was someone trying to break into our house a few weeks ago. I was laying in bed when I heard someone hitting the door really hard and pulling on the door handle. I was so scared!! I didn't dare move so I just laid there and told Mom and Dad about it the next day. Since then we've been taking extra precautions to lock up the house and keep some lights on at night. Its also a good thing we have Shelby because like she did last night she'd bark up a storm and tell us that someone was there. And hopefully scare him off. So just pray that our house will be safe!!
Well I hope all is well with everyone else. Love you all!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Don't read this until after you've read my last blog that I wrote!!!
Ok I just forgot something and I know that this question will be asked. Am I going to be able to do drill team next year? Yes I believe I would be able to because after all my make up work at home I'm going back to CHS for my senior year. I don't see why I wouldn't be able to try out because of grades... who knows. But a lot of my decision goes towards if Pam does it again. They had a really rough year with the new coach and a lot of the girls say it was too much drama and just not worth it. If she decides to do it, I will. Because I don't know if I could make it through all of that without her. And plus, we'd be the only seniors on the team. Tryouts are at the end of this month and when she makes her decision, I will talk to the coach and make mine. Anyways just thought I'd say that since I forgot!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Late Night

It's about half an hour past midnight and I'm listening to my Mom vacuum the living room while Dad looks at the weather or whatever he's doing on the internet. Yup, we're crazy night owls and thats all there is to it!
I went to the Mohey Tawa(drill team) Review tonight. It was amazing, all my friends are such talented dancers and I love watching them. Although its extremely heartbreaking to be sitting there watching them have fun while they dance when I should be out there with them. Just like I knew I would at the end, I cried. I felt so pathetic crying at a drill team review that wasn't mine. I helped my best friend Pam take home her dress(that her Dad escorted her in)home and helped clean up afterwards. Kary came to pick me up at her house and once I got in the car I started to cry again. He asked what was wrong but I think he already knew. I told him how hard it was for me to watch what should be me dancing. He comforted me and I finally stopped crying. We decided to go to a 9:35 movie with Zach and Lindsey. When they got in the car Zach asked, "how was your review thingy?" All I did was give him the thumbs up and he says "too bad ya weren't out there dancing huh?" I didn't respond and Kary told him to back off because I was sensitive about it. I started bawling once again but held back as much as I could to not let those 2 see me. I'm such an emotional wreck sometimes! I finally stopped as we pulled up at the movie theater.
We saw the movie "Ghostrider." I wasn't too enthused about seeing it but I went along anyways. It was really cool but it had a lot of evil in it which I hated. I don't recommend it. The thing I liked most was Nicolas Cage, he is an awesome actor. But the movie just wasn't very happy. Lets hope I don't have nightmares!
Hey Christi, remember my bear Quincy? I'm sure you do, I took her everywhere. Well she's sittin right next to me as always. In her cute spring outfit. Surprised? Probably not. I'm such a little girl still, my friend Chelsea thinks its pathetic. She's gotten into the hard rocker style. I love pink and she loves black. We're opposite in so many things but yet still best friends. Anyways back to Quincy. hehe. I remember when I got her and I put the stuffing inside of her I said I'd never let her get pushed under my bed then given away like Jessie the cowgirl on "Toy Story." Well it has been almost 6 years and she's still up on my bed everyday with a different outfit. She has feelings to ya know! Just kidding, but I love my bear Quincy Albert Edgar Joe... thats what my ward named her when I took her to youth conference. Anyways getting off the subject again. She has been there for me through all the tears and heartache. Build-A-Bear Workshop, where best friends are made. They aint lyin! Ok so now I'm going a little crazy, sorry. I guess its gettin late hehe. Goodnight I love you all :)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Chocolate yummy

I am such a slacker! I need to start writing at least every other day, sorry my bad. Not much has happened since I last wrote. I got in trouble last night. But umm I'm a teenager, it happens, right? Anyways it wasn't bad. I'm a good girl I promise :) I wasn't feeling very good today. I laid in bed a lot of the day, showered, ate dinner, cleaned up dinner, talked to my friend for a while, read scriptures with the parentals, had prayer, got ready for bed, and went to bed. Well obviously I'm not asleep hehe. Just thought I'd drop a few words. It was a boring day. My depression is coming back so that is mostly why I was in bed all day. Not too fun. I will be ok though. I just get through it one day at a time. With a little help from my parents, friends, and most important the Lord. I know that that is what got me through today. Tomorrow is a new day. Me and Mom are actually going to get up early, hopefully. We want to go walking at the SUU indoor track. I go every so often and run by myself but we decided that the 2 of us should just go walk in the morning. I am going on the Martin's Cove Hand Trek in July. I need to start conditioning! It'll be a lot of walking. Like 25 miles I think. But I know it will be an amazing experience. I'm so excited to go, I've heard a lot of stories about it and think it will be sooo worth it. Well I'm gettin tired. Its only 12:30 hehe and I'm actually tired. I love you all! Well Christi and Alison, you seem to be the only readers but that is fine with me. =) Goodnight
OH p.s. the reason why my title says "chocolate" is because well for one reason, my Mom made these AMAZING soft gooey brownies tonight. And put chocolate ice cream on top. They were so good and I'm craving some chocolate again so I might have to sweeten my dreams with a lil more chocolate hehe